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Vivian is smiling and gazing at the camera with her right hand at her heart center.

Experience the magic of yoga, whether it’s in private 1:1 sessions, or in a group with your community.

Your mind, body, and soul deserves it. 

A photo of Vivian giving a hands-on adjustment at her private client's low back while her private yoga client is in Balasana (child's form).

Private 1:1 Yoga Instruction

Find the confidence you need to get to know your body. Whether it’s finding more strength, flexibility, mobility, focus or relaxation.
Allow yourself to be nurtured with feel-good hands-on adjustments or just attentive guidance on your alignment for injury prevention.
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Group & Corporate Yoga

Get connected with your group by connecting in mind, body, and breath.

Finish this sentence: A group that prioritizes and practices wellness together …

For more general information on getting started and yoga as a lifestyle, please visit my blog.

About Me

Hey There! I’m Vivian. I’m a foot and ankle doctor who is passionate about combining my knowledge of Western medicine with Eastern mindfulness practices to empower you to become a healthier and a better version of YOU (guess what, you already are that person, you just forgot).
When I’m not spending time with my two cats and boyfriend, I love learning more about yoga philosophy, my ancestors, and living a healthy and mindful life!

A photo of Vivian sitting on a rock in an cross legged seat. Hands are in prayer at heart center. She is smiling and her gaze is at the camera. There are rolling hills behind her.


This was my first time having a private yoga lesson and I am so glad it was with Vivian. Vivian was very welcoming, warm, and extremely informative throughout the entire session. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and lower back pain for quite some time now so I requested that this yoga session focus on these ailments. Vivian explained how each pose and stretch should feel and it’s purpose which allowed me to understand my body movements more deeply. With Vivian’s practice of both western and holistic medicine, I was able to connect to both my physical and emotional well-being. This was my first session with Vivian and definitely won’t be my last!

Julie P.
Ed.D. Candidate

“I take a lot of Corepower classes and felt like it paralleled those. Beyond that, I LOVED the phrases of affirmation you had us repeat and the breathing exercises. Awesome class overall.”

Corporate Yoga

“I found the moon readings and gatherings quite helpful. Our hosts led with meditation which helped initiate peaceful conversation and aided the spirit of community I felt. I appreciated the organized prompts and the vulnerability expressed by the hosts because that encouraged me to do the same. I recommend these to others, as it has helped me and my hope is that it can help others as well.”

Katherine C.

“I’ve attended several sessions of Vivian’s live rituals and I love them! In each session, she guides us with new topics of discussions and journal prompts that invites us to re-ground and check-in with ourselves. She shares her teachings and experiences in a gentle, authentic, and open way, which makes me feel seen and understood. The rituals are immersive and I feel welcomed and comfortable to share conversation with the community, or just partake. I leave each ritual feeling more calm and reflective. I look forward to more rituals with Vivian :)!

Jessica H.

Vivian is in a high lunge open arm twist. Her face is away from the camera.

Vivian Võ Yoga

Vivian is a 500 hr Yoga Teacher based on the inhabited & unceded land of the Ohlone Tribe (Oakland, CA). Learn more about the land you occupy.