How to Develop Your Intuition

You know that experience you had that made you feel like, “If I just paid attention to that gut feeling, I wouldn’t be in this situation!” I’ve had this experience so many times before I really learned to trust my inner guide, my intuition.

Ignoring her led me into several bad relationships, into a career I wasn’t passionate about, into many club nights where I wish I was at home, and many other events that I could’ve lived without.

It’s important to develop and strengthen your intuition because it prevents you from spending time on things or making choices that are not authentic to you. Now, I don’t believe there’s “wasted” time because I do believe that the more we go astray from our intuition, things happen in our lives that get us back on track. That misdirection gives us clues and clarity on what we don’t want. That misdirection makes the voice of our inner wisdom go from a whisper to a continuous thunderous shout, until we can no longer ignore it.

How to Develop Your Intuition

Practice yoga to increase body awareness. Body awareness is important because when it’s your intuition saying “YES”, your body becomes expansive and it opens up, there’s a slight buzz of excitement. When it’s your intuition saying “NO”, your body contracts, closes up, and you feel that gut instinct that’s protective. This part takes practice and the sensations may be different in different bodies. It takes paying attention to the sensations in your body.

Meditate or find stillness. Quiet your mind, put a do not disturb sign on your door. Ask your questions out into the universe, to God, whatever you call your Higher Being. If that’s not your cup of tea, ask your questions to yourself, to your inner guide. Sit in stillness while you ask your question. If you have several questions, ask them all. The answers may come right away, in the next few days, weeks. For me, some answers to tougher questions come years later.

Visualization. You could also try visualizing yourself making a certain choice and sensing how you feel in your body about it. Now what if you went with the other choices? Go down the list of different choices and pay attention to how you feel about each one.

The next visualization is a morbid one, but it always works for me. Visualize yourself on your deathbed. What choice would deathbed-you wish you took?

Take Action. If there is a decision you need to make right away and you haven’t found clarity yet, I would recommend making a decision and seeing how you feel about it. There is clarity in taking action and just going for it, even if it ends up being the “wrong” choice for you. The goal here is to gather information on how you feel after the decision is made. Not sure how you feel? Try using a feelings wheel.

Pull a tarot card, or maybe several cards. I pull a daily tarot card and interpret the meaning by looking at its picture before reading about it on Biddy Tarot. This has helped me in articulating what I already feel to be true. It’s also reaffirmed my current experiences. If it’s not resonating, this is when you could pull another card, and then another. Have fun with this one!

Wondering how to incorporate some of these into your daily routine? Read this blog post, where I share my own personal morning routine.

How Intuition Can Deceive Us

Have you heard a yoga teacher talk about your third eye center, which is the seat of your intuition, your inner knowing, your inner guide? When we experience trauma or life stresses, sometimes the life views through our third eye can be distorted. Imagine eyeglasses you’re wearing that are blurred or dirtied from your life experiences. You see the world from this lens.

As you’re on your personal development journey and increase your self-knowledge and level of self-awareness, your “eyeglasses” through which you experience life becomes cleaner and clearer.

Intuition can also be masked as fear. Here’s a short 5 minute video by Marie Forleo that I found really helpful:

Ajna Chakra – Center of Intuition

More about our third eye center. Ajna chakra is located between your eyebrows and just a little above that. Ajna is where you step into the role of the observer. Who is it that is breathing? Who is it that is having these thoughts? It is being able to recognize patterns in your life. It’s being able to access your intuition so you could live your authentic life.

The demon of this chakra center is illusion. Recognize that most of our beliefs are illusions. For example: I’ve lived with the illusion that I can’t ask for help, I have to do everything myself because self-sufficiency is important to me. This has led me to close myself off from having vulnerable, connected relationships. Once I saw this illusion, I was able to recognize a pattern of me not asking for and rejecting help in relationships, leading to feelings of resentment. I was able to choose a different way of being, which is accepting help and also asking for help. Allowing myself to depend on others, allowed me to experience a sense of deep trust and intimacy that I never had before.

A common illusion is that voice that says, “you’re not enough”. Your work could be stepping into the role of the observer when this thought comes up and start questioning this voice. Yes, you’re talking to this mean voice in your head, but I swear it works. It’ll eventually shush up and leave you alone, until it pops up again.

Yoga Practices to Develop & Strengthen your Intuition

What are your ways to tap into your intuition? Share in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “How to Develop Your Intuition

  1. Vivian,

    Thank you so much for this article on developing your intuition. This is definitely something that I am working on. As a new entrepreneur I realize how important it is to rely on my intuition when I am going through difficult situations. My intuition always knows what is right because it is directly connected to the God in me. I will continue my daily practices to help myself develop a stronger connection to my intuition.

    1. I’m having the same experience. It’s more important than ever as new entrepreneur to connect to that part of us that’s bigger than us. 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Naeemah 🙂

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