A 12-Step Guide for Morning Routines

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I’ve always been a morning person. If I wake up later in the day and don’t go through my morning rituals and routines, I feel off. Having my morning routine on lock, as soon as I wake up, I feel ready and even sometimes excited to go through my AM routine. This time is purely for me and my well-being. I’m learning to hold this time as sacred. It is my spiritual practice. The day begins with intention and presence.

I talk about daily routines using Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems) in this blog post. Today, I wanted to focus more on morning routines (kapha time). Feel free to read the blog post for more information on Ayurveda, the different doshic times, and when to have your morning routine.

Of course, ensuring you get enough sleep will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your morning routine. Set your mornings up for success by also protecting yourself from disturbances during your snooze! I have two cats and my partner sleeps later than me, so I often find myself sleeping with earbuds and an eye mask.

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful rituals.


My Current Morning Routine (with suggestions & recommendations)

Make your morning routine yours. Try something, see if it vibes. Let it go if it doesn’t. This is just what I’ve been doing (with some +/- each day) and what currently works for me.

Don’t have time for everything on this list? Don’t be hard on yourself. This is just my ideal morning if I have time for it all! I put a * on things that I find are a must (based on evidence based research & my own experience) even when I wake up with many things to do.

  1. Wake up gently
    • I haven’t been using an alarm, but if you want an alarm, make sure it’s a soft tone, taking care to transition from sleep to wake in a gentle manner. It’s okay (& natural) to still be groggy and slow to wake.
  2. Dream recall
    • Take a moment to reflect on your dreams, if you had any. You could keep a dream journal next to your bed to scribble whatever you remember down. Practice using your intuition to interpret the meaning behind your dreams.
  3. Bathroom*
    • Brush teeth, skincare routine, excretion
    • Ayurveda also recommends to scrape your tongue and oil pull in the AM
  4. Drink plenty of water*
  5. Pranayama (breath-work)
    • Focus and connect with your breathing, or do some breath-work. I share some apps that have breathing exercises in this blog post.
  6. Meditation*
  7. Chanting (Mantra) Practice
    • Chanting is a way to bypass the intellect. It’s a way to come into our hearts and bodies faster than any other tool.
    • Play around with the ordering in which you meditate, chant, and practice yoga to find what feels good to you.
  8. Yoga Asana Practice
    • Connect your breath with movement in a yoga practice. Tap into how you’re feeling in the morning to see if you need a slower paced practice such as yin or restorative, or if you need a more heating and active practice such as hatha or vinyasa.
      • Wondering how to choose what kind of practice? If there’s been a lot of stress or anxiety lately, I would recommend yin or restorative. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, I would recommend hatha or vinyasa.
      • It’s all about balance and figuring out what practice will bring you back to harmony and equilibrium.
    • What your body and mind needs on any given day can be different. The practice length could be different depending on your day as well. One day, you might have time for a 60 minute practice, the following day, it could be 20 minutes, the following day, it could be just holding a restorative posture for 5 minutes.
  9. Journal*
    • Express Gratitude: list 3 different things you’re grateful for per day. There are scientifically proven benefits of gratitude.
    • Set your intentions for your day. The one I’ve been using lately is “whatever I get done today, it is more than enough”. It helps me go through the day in flow rather than anxiety.
    • Positive Affirmations (“I am” statements). This one may feel uncomfortable at first. Often times, we walk around with negative self-talk and positive affirmations help with recognizing what we say to ourselves and switching it to being more positive and loving.
  10. Pull a daily tarot or oracle card
    • Tarot and oracle card newb here. This is something I added to my daily morning routine in the last year. I’ve been enjoying pulling a daily card, sometimes for guidance on my day or current happenings in my life. Sometimes the cards I pull gives me chills because it resonates so much!
  11. Eat Breakfast*
    • Ayurveda recommends eating a warm, light breakfast
  12. Read
    • I am definitely a lifelong learner. I love to read something and feel like I just had a major mindset shift that’ll improve my life in some way.
    • Here is a list of books that I recommend, that has had the biggest impact on my life

Sadhana means spiritual discipline. It implies a dual aspect that the discipline itself is the fulfillment. Like a drop of water eventually shapes a rock, the consistency of practice over a period of time brings the change and fulfillment. Sadhana is the consistency of our daily practice.

Deborah Adele, “The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice

Suggested Practices for your Morning Routine

Do you already do some of these things in your morning routine? Is there anything you would add? I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments!

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