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Hello, I’m Vivian! (Pronouns: she/her/hers)

I’m a yoga teacher who is committed to your well-being and self-care goals. I have my doctorate in podiatry, so if you’re working on something specific, working through an old injury, or just have some aches here and there, I’m comfortable in taking your anatomy, your unique body into account for our sessions. I’m not the “no pain, no gain” type. I’m more of the let’s find what will have you feeling nourished and refreshed kind of teacher, and if it’s painful, don’t do it!

My teaching approach comes from my direct experience from the practice. I have a disciplined daily practice of yoga asana and meditation that is nurturing, supportive, and grounding.

Like many of us in the modern world, I suffered from anxiety, which led me to not have my period for 6 months and worsening symptoms of lupus (an autoimmune disease). I’m also a domestic violence survivor, which resulted in me to having a distrust in my own intuition.

Yoga brought me home to myself.

Yoga brought me back into my body, my mind, and my soul. These ancient practices taught me how to pay attention to the signals that my body and the universe was giving me and from there decide what to do, rather than be reactive or numb out.

These practices reminded me and encouraged me to pause, to slow down, and to pay attention. The practices of yoga empowered me to trust my intuition, my inner guide.

My inner guide, a whisper that became a shout after 2 years of not listening to her, told me to go for my yoga teaching certification. I deepened my yoga practice and knowledge through the first 200 hours of training and yearned for more, so continued my learning with another 300 hours. Once I started deepening my practice, I couldn’t stop, so another 300 hour training was what called out to me! I will forever be a yoga student.

Now, I am thrilled to share this practice with clients whether it’s privately or in a group. Previous and current clients have worked with me for low back pain, postural improvement, core strengthening, deepening of a spiritual practice, corporate wellness, senior center movement, general relaxation, and more.

I believe yoga can be used to liberate ourselves, remind us of our interconnectedness, and therefore bring us to a future where we’re united & free. It’s not easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Are you ready for the journey?

I am based on the inhabited and unceded ancestral lands of the Lisjan Ohlone tribe (Oakland, CA). Learn more about the land you inhabit.
I honor and embrace the South Asian and North African roots of the yoga practice and I acknowledge and appreciate all the teachers who developed and codified this practice so that we can benefit from it today.


“I’ve attended several sessions of Vivian’s live rituals and I love them! In each session, she guides us with new topics of discussions and journal prompts that invites us to re-ground and check-in with ourselves. She shares her teachings and experiences in a gentle, authentic, and open way, which makes me feel seen and understood. The rituals are immersive and I feel welcomed and comfortable to share conversation with the community, or just partake. I leave each ritual feeling more calm and reflective. I look forward to more rituals with Vivian :)!

Jessica H.

“Vivian knows EXACTLY what adjustments I need in my body. Her hands on adjustments are SPOT on. She is so in-tune with what my body needs. I have tense shoulders and weak hips (from sitting at my desk all day -_-) and she intuitively knows that I need a block when I sit in a yoga squat or that I need extra work on my shoulders. She created a UNIQUE private class JUST FOR ME to focus on my third chakra, the chakra I need help balancing the most. Thank you Vivian for being so attentive!

Victoria A.

Training & Experience

  • Embody Yoga’s Roots 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, in progress
    • Trauma-Informed YTT
    • Yoga History, Diversity and Inclusion YTT
    • Advanced Meditation & Mindfulness YTT
    • Yoga Service, Philosophy and Ethics Certification
  • Reclaiming Chakras Workshop, Alchemystic Studio
  • Uplifted 300/500hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certification, ECornell
  • VA Palo Alto Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Residency Training
  • Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine, New York College of Podiatric Medicine
  • B.S. in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology, Biology with a minor in Human Development, UC Davis

Let’s Flow Together!

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