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How to Develop Your Intuition

You know that experience you had that made you feel like, “If I just paid attention to that gut feeling, I wouldn’t be in this situation!” I’ve had this experience so many times before I really learned to trust my inner guide, my intuition. Ignoring her led me into several bad relationships, into a career…

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Are Yoga Blocks Worth It?

There was a time when I would never reach for yoga blocks and now, I always have my set of two blocks next to me during Hatha and vinyasa yoga and three during yin and restorative yoga. I admit, certain egocentric phrases used to pop in my head, “I don’t need it”, “I can do…

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How Yoga Helped with My Anxiety

I didn’t have my period for the first 6 months of podiatry school. I also developed shortness of breath (SOB), insomnia (even though I already lacked sleep from staying up studying), chest tightness, and many incidents of existential crises. I didn’t know this was due to anxiety. I didn’t even put two and two together…

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Hello, I’m Vivian. I’m a Yoga Teacher and a doctor who is passionate about using Eastern mindfulness practices to help you live joyfully in a Western modern society.
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