Sacred Circles

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No joke, I manifested my boyfriend in my first full moon ritual & I had a major breakthrough in a recent sacred circle. If this isn’t your cup of tea, we can co-create something that feels right to you.

Yearning for a spiritual & connected day with your tribe for your birthday or bridal party? Craving community in a safe space where you can be yourself? Don’t let another day pass you by without experiencing the magic and transforming your life in community!

You’re here because:

  • You’re tired of the normalized culture of binging and drinking
  • You’re yearning for a space of connection, vulnerability, and intimacy
  • You have dreams & want a circle where you can bravely share these dreams with out-loud (speak them into existence!)

Example Structure:

  1. Chat & Check-In
  2. Opening Meditation
  3. Yoga Asana Practice
  4. Journaling, Group Sharing
  5. Tarot or Oracle Card Pull
  6. Closing Meditation or Pranayama


“I had the privilege of doing an in person moon ceremony with Vivian last year and it was super therapeutic and soothing. She took the friction out of the process by providing structure and so much room for grace. I was able to release both my sorrows and my desires during the ceremony which helped me during the months after. I felt empowered with a clarity that I hadn’t had in a while and I ended up manifesting those desires. I’m so grateful for that and so grateful to her for facilitating and organizing that special event. I encourage anyone who’s thinking of doing a session, to do so. I’m happy I did and have full faith that everyone can take something away from it. ”

Katherine C.

I’m Ready To Co-Create Something With You!

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